When fear controls our decisions we draw what we fear to us. Beware of *not*.

We only really understand things *that are* or concepts of *what will be*.
The idea of *not* is a modifier on the understanding of a certain thing, but our core experience of life has no contact with *not* - only of what is.

Isn't = is *not"
Don't = do *not*
Won't = will *not*
Aren't = are *not*
Never = *not* ever
Wouldn't = would *not*
Can't = can *not*

You can just erase the *not* from any sentence and you will have the picture you are actually painting for your creative subconscious - it doesn't accept the *not* modifier.

"I don't want to [blank]." => "I do want to [blank]."
"I won't [blank]." => "I will [blank]."
"I hope they aren't [blank]." => "I hope they are [blank]."

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