Do it or don't.

Don't half-step, don't pussy foot.
If you are going to do it - DO IT.

If we live our lives boldly then, when we make the right decision we succeed fully, and when we make a mistake we know it immediately and *really* learn our lesson.

Even worse than failing by not trying is to decide to try and then half way do something.

Do it or don't.

Bill Gates wrote a book a while ago and he posited this as a solid process :
"Think, Act, Evaluate, Adapt"

I always thought he was forgetting a really crucial step there. I would add to that a bit for :
"Think, *Feel*, Act, Evaluate, Adapt"

This is because :
if you think something is right, but it feels wrong - it is probably wrong.
If you think something is wrong, but it feels right - it is probably wrong.

When you think something is right *and* it feels right - it is the right thing for you to do and you will have an excellent experience which will be one of two types :
either you are going to really enjoy the results of your actions,
or you are going to learn one of those unforgettable lessons mentioned above!