We are a combination of our motivations, our intentions, and the results of our actions.

I am one of those people that doesn't like the idea of words that have no definition or questions that have no answer.

I understand that all of my answers and definitions are approximations and illusions which are designed above all to suit me and my current belief constellation. That doesn't stop me from trying to tie up the loose ends.

So, this is my current answer to "What am I?"

Btw, the terms 'motivation' and 'intention' I see as inline concepts. It is from our motivations (conscious and not) that our intentions are derived - though there are times when our *stated* intentions (even to ourselves) are somewhat at odds with our true motivations.

Adding a comment from a friend to this post :
red said...
YOU are the awareness that observes your motivations, intentions, actions, results, and your mind's process of evaluation.

The mind builds many layers to analyze the content of the observations, its evaluations, and the analysis of its evaluations. brilliant!

YOU are the undefined because YOU come before the definer. YOU are the unobserved, because you are the observer.

This might sound useless to your mind because it needs content and form to work with. What is the point of knowing this nothingness?

IMHO, It is the chooser and that which gives life to choice. It is the real YOU, who has the ability to hold everything and know the appropriate choice. And it is where love originates.

Thank you for this forum.